Lost in Translation 

Slow down while everything else moves around you. This breezy bedroom is a quiet minimalist space with layers and luxury. Embrace the fabrics, the feelings, and the soft-spoken textures amidst the unexpected moments that will happen here in time. 

Harper bed

Floating becomes an illusion with the creative support of solid stainless steel legs and imaginative design of an extremely wide-set and low frame. Subtle details, such as the slight wrap-around of the headboard, are the small features that make Harper unique.


Grayson dresser

A match for the Grayson Night Stand, this tall dresser features easy open-and-close drawers found with sleek aluminum handles and uniquely angled legs. The indented top is a good place for extra storage without the worry of anything falling off.


Grayson nightstand

Grayson's modern facade is attributed to the striking contrast of glossy white and grainy wood combined with round curvatures and sharp industrial lines. As if arriving from the future, the sustainably crafted and sturdy materials are destined to last for years to come.


Jude table lamp

Jude is inspired by the graceful flow and simplicity of fountains. The creative figure is crafted with sustainable wood and metal akin to natural, minimalistic design. Modern is functional upon discovering the discrete wireless phone charger at the base.


Marble cloche

For your enchanted rose or other precious things, this glass dome keeps beauty in its place. A solid marble base supports any kind of object that needs protection and display.


Else rug

Else is an heir to regal custom, hand woven with cashmere ivory wool and finely finished with delicate silver grey detailing throughout. The delicate pattern resembles a traditional Paisley motif, lending elegant and subtle character to a modern home.


Lost in Translation 

Wait for the unexpected or chase your dreams.